About Bohemian Nation

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Welcome to Bohemian Nation! My name is Allie, and I’m a self-proclaimed free-spirit, California girl, and lover of pretty, creative projects. Years ago, you would have seen me with teal hair, a nose hoop, and cowboy boots. Even though my style has calmed down a bit, I assure you that my spirit is the same. I like flower crowns, mindfulness classes, and gardening. I drink green juice in the morning, collect crystals, and diffuse essential oils. (The cowboy boots still make an appearance on occasion.)


I’ll be your guide through this lifestyle blog, focused on cultivating joy and your best life through handmade crafts, healthy recipes, self-care, and more. Here, you’ll see posts on yoga, meditation, DIY art projects, “just eat real food” recipes, travel, essential oil tips, and much more.

I have always had the problem of “too many interests.” Anyone else? In college, I wanted to join EVERY. SINGLE. CLUB. on campus, make the most friends, and have the busiest schedule. My job history echoes this story: pizza-maker (okay I was in HIGH SCHOOL people), 8th grade volleyball coach, officer-cleaner, camp counselor (for three summers… if you’re college-aged, DO THIS), lead writing consultant, batch meal kitchen instructor, graduate student alliance director, farmers’ market vendor, National Writing Project fellow, academic coach, high school teacher, writer, entrepreneur, private tutor… y’all I’ve done it all.

For a while, I was maintaining multiple websites and social media groups. I had one (since 2009) for a jewelry business I created in college. I had one for alternative health and meditation tips, which I made after experiencing some SERIOUS health issues. I had one for healthy recipes, which evolved from Eat Your Veggies to Glitter and Guava (to encompass more than just food) and eventually to this, Bohemian Nation.

This name encompasses all my passions perfectly.

So here’s to you, do-it-yourselfer, crafter, cook, dreamer, yogi, traveler. Thanks for being here. I can’t wait to share more with you!


Quick Stats: Getting to Know Me

Daily uniform: Black leggings, tunic, some chunky jewelry, hair in a top knot, gladiator sandals.
Guilty pleasures: any reality TV (any Bachelor watchers? Below Deck? Timbercreek Lodge?), reading Cosmo, collecting pens and Sharpies, buying too many succulents.
Favorite dessert: Seafoam! Or honeycomb candy, as we call it here in California.
Most memorable travel destination: Switzerland or Cinque Terre.
Best craft: Soap-making! It’s scary, but extremely worth the results (after it cures for a month).
How I met my husband: Taking a solo trip from San Diego to San Francisco. I met him at a Himalayan Gift Shop across from the Intercontinental Hotel, on the ocean in Monterey, CA.
Best self-care: Definitely yoga or pilates, followed by dry brushing and a magnesium chloride (or epsom salt) bath. And candles. And meditation. And essential oils. That all counts as one routine.
Favorite drink: Iced chai all dayyy, with Califia Farms almond milk and Oregon Chai concentrate.
Groceries?: Trader Joe’s and Sprouts.
Favorite recipe: You guys HAVE to try paleo-style Greek blatzara. I usually modify a recipe I found online so it’s dairy free. Maybe I’ll have to post my modifications soon! I made it twice in one week once and ate it all by myself. That’s how good it was.
Pets?: Two adorable guinea pigs. They are so loving and full of personality. They will curl up on our laps while we watch TV, like little dogs. (:
On the wishlist: Kitchen island, polaroid camera, vertical garden, marble cutting board, camping hammock, raw vegan cookbooks.
Design aesthetic: I love hardwood floors, exposed brick, all white furniture with little pops of color, stainless steel appliances, lots of greens and plants everywhere!
Last thing you purchased: blue painter’s tape, shaving cream, and food coloring… for a project.
Favorite Movie?: I don’t like movies much… but I like all documentaries, movies about magicians, and SOMETIMES romantic comedies, like Bridesmaids or How to be Single. Minimalism was good! So was Valley Uprising, about Yosemite climbers.
Dream job (money isn’t an issue): I think I would be fostering every pet and person I could, while probably still making crafts and inventing new recipes. I’m on my way there. (:
Your superpowers: List-making, buying too many vegetables, and organizing my closet in color order. Ha!