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I’ve been thinking about crystals lately because there has been a lot of negative energy in the universe for the last few days for my husband and me. Even if you don’t believe in energy and auras, do you ever have a string of terrible events which leave you feeling heavy and exhausted? That’s us. Hang in there with me, because it’s going to be a little sad for a few paragraphs, and then I’ll turn it around! The last week has looked like this: family members in the hospital, cancer diagnoses, the death of a family member, a stressful situation regarding money, vindictive comments online… the constant California rain completely mirrors the events in our lives.

It all boils down to the feeling of being out of control. These things feel like they’re happening TO us, and we can’t do anything about it. How can we control the health of people around us? How can we control what a stranger says online? We can’t.

In situations like this, it’s easy to get stuck in a victim loop. This is something I’ve worked on and learned about through a functional medicine doctor, but I’m sure therapists and others in the field touch on it. The victim loop is a circle, which includes verbs like ignore, deny, blame, rationalize, resist, and hide. The opposite is an accountability loop, which includes verbs like recognize, own, forgive, self-examine, learn, take action. (This process is different for serious situations like abuse).

Picture something recently that felt unfair – maybe something small; we don’t want to dredge up some seriously upsetting feelings here. Write or speak a description of it. Notice the words you’re using. For me, personally, it was a situation with a security deposit and a rental unit. When I’ve told the story to friends and family, I became upset. I blamed someone else for my feelings. It was the “poor me” act, can-you-believe-what-happened-to-me, I-don’t-deserve-this type story. I was denying any responsibility and resisting. Weeks later, I was still upset when I thought about it.

If I reframe that into the accountability loop, I can recognize what happened and own my part in it. I can forgive the person who “wronged” me – loving kindness meditation is an AMAZING way to do this. I can learn from it – next time, I’ll clarify the move-out and cleaning procedures – and I can take action or move forward. This helps transition from victim to holding a (even if it’s small) level of accountability, transferring the weight and power of the situation. You hold the power in acknowledging the situation and choosing what to do next, instead of letting life happen to you.

This is an uncomfortable concept for me lately, because I was stuck in the victim loop with all my recent illnesses. They came one after another, despite all the healthy habits and food choices I was making. I felt helpless and miserable. I wanted people to feel bad for me.

But the act of re-framing and becoming accountable can help you avoid blaming, resisting, and hiding. It can help you realize that you can control your reaction and response. You can control what you learn from the situation and how you act, even if you can’t control what happened. You can start to move forward.

I wrote a lot more than I was planning on writing, but I think psychology is fascinating… and when I’m working on craft projects like these crystals, there’s just so much time to think! (:

Now, these crystals obviously won’t have properties like the stones and gemstones, but they’re super pretty to look at. Making a necklace can even serve as a tangible reminder for you to get out of your victim loop, if you’re in one.

By the way, these puppies are SUPER hard to photograph. I had to use my iPhone, because anything I did with my Nikon made them look like blurry blobs.


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Here’s What You’ll Need: 

-Glass jars (I used five)
-Food coloring
-White pipe cleaners
-Bendable wire
-Scissors or wire cutters
-Chopsticks or paintbrushes
-Kitchen towels
-Jewelry chain*
-1 jump ring*
-1 lobster clasp*

*Leave out if you don’t want to make a necklace, but rather what I’m deeming a “desk crystal” (: Like a little paperweight or decoration.



  1. Start a large pot of water boiling on the stove.
  2. Wrap your wire once around your paintbrush near the middle of the brush, leaving a 4-inch wire tail. This wire around your brush is your loop for your crystal pendant. (If you’re making a desk crystal, follow this, too… you’ll just cut it off when the crystals are done.) Take your pliers and twist the wire at the bottom of the loop (directly below the paintbrush) twice to secure the loop.
  3. Line your pipe cleaner up perpendicular to the paintbrush, and wrap the 4-inch tail around the pipe cleaner to secure it. Cut the other side of the wire and wrap its tail around the pipe cleaner so no sharp edges are poking out. You should be holding a T shape, with the paintbrush as the top of the T and the pipe cleaner as the vertical part of the T.
  4. Form your pipe cleaner into the shape you want your crystal to look like. It works best if you leave a tiny bit of room and don’t wind it too tightly, since the crystals form on all sides of the pipe cleaner. If you leave too much room, your crystals will look like the ones pictured above. You can try hearts, circles, or any design you’d like. For the necklaces, I used one pipe cleaner. For the desk crystals, you can use 2-6 (I used 3 in the photos above).
  5. Dump your borax into a small bowl, so it’s easy to measure. You will need 1 Tablespoon of borax for every 1/3 cup of water, so if you wish to calculate this all ahead of time, you can. I just filled all five jars with 3 Tablespoons of borax to start.
  6. Pour 1 cup of boiling water into each jar and stir. Some of my jars were completely full this way. If they’re not, continue adding borax and water at that ratio until they are full to the top.
  7. Now, add your food coloring until you get the colors you want. Keep stirring – you want your borax to be dissolved all the way.
  8. Suspend the brushes over the jars so the pipe cleaners are suspended and not touching the sides or bottom.
  9. Cover the jars with kitchen towels to keep the heat in.
  10. Wait 12 hours… then your crystals are done!
  11. Spray them with whatever you use to seal crafts, otherwise they will fade after a few days.
  12. To make a necklace: String some chain in the necklace loop, add a jump ring and lobster clasp to the ends of the chain, and your necklace is set.
  13. To make a desk crystal: Simply cut the wire loop away.

Be careful with them and don’t get them wet… they’re not extremely durable in those ways. (:

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Let me know in the comments if you made it through this loooong post, and if you’re planning to try this! It’s a great kids’ craft, as well.


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